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The NoBell Prover is a highly accurate system of proving diaphragm and ultrasonic - domestic and commercial gas meters.  The operator clamps a meter onto the proving stand and using displays on a touch screen monitor is able to automatically test a meter using either an electronic photocell aimed on the proving dial or a proximity sensor monitoring movement of the internal diaphragm of the meter.  Ultrasonic meters can be tested with an additional electronic module, software and positive pressure manifold configuration.

We also offer custom software enhancements to meet the required needs of individual Meter Shops.  The NoBell® Prover can be attached to existing networks and mainframe systems to store meter tests and can be connected to Can-Tronics customs MTR-Win Meter Shop Management software.  For systems where communication to a secondary source is not available, the NoBell® Prover PC is capable of storing well over five million test results

The NoBell® Prover stand is based on a compact design and is mounted on free moving casters allowing it to be easily transported and positioned  in even very space limited meter shops.

The mechanical layout of the proving stand itself was designed with ease of maintenance in mind.  Realizing many Meter Shops require annual government or regulatory body inspection and testing, the NoBell® Prover was designed to allow the various temperature, pressure, pulse, etc. checks to be done with minimal time and effort

Please feel free to contact us at Can­-Tronics with any questions and inquiries you might have.

The NoBell® Proving System uses the latest technology in electronics and software to provide fast, accurate and reliable test results.  The heart of the system is the proprietary Can-Tronics Micro PC II Microprocessor Board. Secondary systems give support to the Main Processor from custom Can-Tronics boards and components such as the Smart I/O Board, the Pressure Transducer
Board and the Blower Control Circuit.  We at Can-Tronics Gas Measurement and Control realize the importance of accuracy and productivity in meter shops today and strive to offer equipment to meet these demands.  The Can-Tronics NoBell® Proving System is fully designed and tested here at Can-Tronics in our manufacturing department.  The final assembly of the complete proving system is all done in shop for maximum control over quality assurance.  The software design, modification and custom enhancement is also done completely in house to allow us to work closely with the end user to provide a system that incorporates seamlessly into your current operating procedures.

The software is written using a user friendly touch screen interface which allows the operator to effortlessly and quickly access various screens.  The software has a built in Meter List allowing the end user to easily add any new diaphragm or ultrasonic meter that comes on to the market after the prover has been installed.  A conveniently organized diagnostic screen is available which allows the operator to easily view various pressure, temperature and pulse readings on one screen.  This is particularly useful during system audits or checks by your local Government, regulatory body or Public Utility Commission.  Most features and sub-sections are easily accessible from the main screen.  Password protection is also provided so that only authorized personnel can change critical prover settings.

- Flow computation is based on the latest AGA recommended equations for the flow sensing element. - Dometic:
  • Height:  63 Inches
  • Width:   31 Inches
  • Depth:   37 Inches
- Flow Rate (Domestic Version - 5 ft3): 28 ACFH to 800 ACFH
- Flow Rate (Commercial Version - 10 ft3): 150 ACFH to 1500 ACFH
- The Computer Program provides for the selectable computation of the proofs detailed in ANSE Standards B109.3 in Appendix D, Meter Accuracy
- The Automatic Flowrate Valve (Option) is Positioned by a Bi-Directional Motor Operating in a Computer Controlled Feedback - Commercial
  • Height:  69 Inches
  • Width:   34 Inches
  • Width:   34 Inches
- The Open and Check Rate Valves are operated by Solenoid Valves in a Computer Controlled Feedback using Rate Caps
- Reference Meter is a 1000 or 1500 Class Rotary Meter with Hi-Resolution Output.
- Reference Meter is Traceable to Measurement Canada or NMI Certified Bell Prover