Automatic Gas Meter Proving System

Bell Prover
The BELL prover automatic test stand is designed to test diaphragm and ultrasonic meters referenced to a Bell. All calibration and setup data is stored on the provers computer for easy backup and data recovery. Operations are menu driven with a series of graphical screens that guide the operator step by step through the complete test. The software is installed on PC operating under Microsoft Windows®. A 24-bit A/D converter, capable of 1 part in 16777216 resolution is used in the pressure and temperature circuits. The software can be customized with the customer’s data format when communicating test data with the main server computer. This prover also features a Leak Test and High Differential Alarm.
- Traceability to Recognized Standards
- Copper/Aluminum Valve Train prevents corrosion and rust accumulation
- Check Meter Correlation Feature
- Meter Differential Pressure sensing is accomplished via precision pressure transducers for accuracy and stability
- Temperature sensing is accomplished via precision thermistors for accuracy and stability

- Photo Eye Sensor
- Electronic Module Pulse Input Adapter
- Bar Code Reader
- Sonix® Meter Testing
- Modem for Remote Access
- MTR-II Meter Shop Management Software designed to meet customer specifications
Meter Type Tested: - Diaphragm & Ultrasonic Meters (Imperial & Metric)
Test Medium: - Air at room temperature
Flow Rate: - Based on Bell Capacity
Working Temperatue Range: - 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
Temperature Effect:: - Compensated
Test Pressure: - 1.5 or 2 INWC
Humidity Range: - Up to 95% Non Condensing
Automatic Leak Test Cycle: - User selects sensitivity and duration of the leak test
Test Sequence: -

Microprocessor controlled, User selectable

Test Results: - Displayed on LCD Touch Screen Monitor
  - (%Proof, %Accuracy, %Error, %Correction)
  - Accept or Reject Indication
  - Differential Pressure reading displayed during test
Power Input: - 120/240 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz, (Shop Supply)
Test Time: - Determined by Volume & Flow Rate of Meter Under Test
Air Supply: - 60 – 100 PSI (Clamp Arm)
Communication of Test Data: - RS485, RS232 or Networking (If Required)
Automatic Test Cycle: - Automatically Controls Speed to Maintain Selected Flow Rate
  - Automatically Starts and Stops Test Cycle
One Pass Bell Proving