Automatically Leak Tests Gas Meter Case

Commercial Dry Leak Tester
Commercial Dry Leak Tester
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The Dry Leak Tester software is highly "user friendly" offering one touch meter leak testing. The test results are viewed on the color screen with a pass result displayed in green or a fail result in red for instant recognition. Components on the microprocessor boards are based on current standards to ensure low power consumption, enhanced heat dissipation, minimal temperature effect and long stable operation. A 24-bit A/D converter allows very precise pressure measurements with accuracy up to 0.01 INWC.
- Mobile Test Stand with Locking Casters
- Stainless Steel Table Top
- Low Maintenance
- Adjustable Color LCD Touch-Screen Monitor
- Latest Windows® based PC Computer
- Dual Air Filtration
- Pneumatic Clamp Arms with Dual Button Safety Activation
- Universal Clamping Mechanism for 10LT to 45LT Connections
- Stainless Steel/Brass Valves
- Signal Conditioned Pressure Transducers
- Reference Pressure Cylinder
- Automatic Overpressure System Shut Down and Exhaust
- Plexiglass Protection Shield
- ESA Electrical Safety Certified
- Bar Code reader
- Photoelectric Sensor to Test Index

Test Data Acquisition Database for PC

- RS485 Network Communication
- Industrial Wireless Network Hardware
Meter Type Tested: - 600 to 1000 Class Diaphragm Meters
  - Sensus Sonix 660 and Sonix 880
Test Medium: - Air at room temperature
Working Temperature Range: - 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
Operating Pressure: - Adjustable 10 to 25 PSIG
Test Cycle: - Microprocessor Controlled
  - Operator Configurable Leak Sensitivity
Sensitivity: - 0.049 ft3/hour for a 30 second test
  - 0.0067 ft3/hour for a 60 second test
Test Results: - Displayed on LCD Touch Screen
  - Live Pressure Graph
  - Green for PASS, Red for FAIL
Power Input: -

120 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz (Shop Supply)

Test Time: - Operator Configurable Test Settings
Air Supply: - 60 to 100 PSI (Clamp Arms)
Communitcation of Test Data: -

RS232 or Networking (If Required)